9 Must-Have Health & Wellness Products with Memorial Day Weekend Special Savings!

by Mary Smith | Fitness & Health | September 17, 2021

Discover a world of wellness with this curated list of health and wellness products from our Editor! From compression sleeves to cutting-edge fitness devices, we've handpicked the best deals and savings to help you elevate your self-care routine. Shop now and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you this Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend means summer is upon us! We’re ready to enjoy the sun, get outside and be our best and healthiest selves! BUT… that can be challenging. Whether you’re dealing with nagging pain, on a time crunch, or always on the go … putting your wellness first can be challenging.

In fact, studies show that those who do achieve their health & fitness goals never do it alone. Instead, they rely on a few simple gadgets that help them get in shape and monitor their progress!

We put together a list of the top health & fitness gadgets that experts recommend everyone use to stay healthy in 2024 and beyond:

AbForce - Strengthen, Tone, & Firm Muscles From Your Couch


AbForce utilizes the latest muscle training and recovery technology known as EMS, which uses microcurrents to create a customized muscle stimulation experience to make the muscles contract and strengthen. It is a hands-free muscle-sculpting device that can be worn under clothes, while doing chores, and or even relaxing to relieve pain and tone up. A truly full-body toning experience you can do in your own home with minimal effort.

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Himitsu - All-Natural Herbal Body Toxin Removal


Himitsu’s 2-in-1 Detoxifying Foot Patches borrows ancient Japanese techniques to draw out chemicals and toxins from your entire body through your feet. This all-natural, herbal remedy detoxes your body to effectively boost immunity, relieve stress and prevent harmful diseases. All you have to do is apply these patches before bed and not remove them until morning for a complete, full body detox.

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HomeGymPro - All-in-One Suspension Training System You Can Use Anywhere


Furnishing your home gym can run you thousands of dollars, and going to the gym can be a huge inconvenience in your day. And while spending $50 every month seems like a minor charge, it adds up to $600 a year! This is a huge waste of money, so BeWell set out to find a solution to these problems.

They came up with HomeGymPro, a set of resistance bands with 5 different weight levels and multiple fastenings so that you can get the best total body workout.

The bands can be used in a variety of different ways: push, pull, plank, squat, lunge, hung, and rotate to work every part of your body. Its straps are capable of supporting up to 100 pounds of resistance, which you can work up to gradually.

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Bum Bands - Non-Slip Resistance Band Set for Hips & Glutes


The Bum Bands resistance set is one of the most inexpensive, convenient pieces of workout equipment you can own. They’re lightweight, versatile, and a lot less painful than a dumbbell if you happen to drop one on your foot. But, not all booty bands are made the same. 

Unlike traditional bands that are made of latex or rubber, Bum Bands have a unique non-slip design so you won’t ever have to worry about them rolling or sliding as you’re focusing on your workout.

The Bum Bands Set comes with three levels of resistance bands designed to fit your fitness skill level, and includes an Exercise Guide for tips and featured workouts so you know exactly how to start using them right away.

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Compressa Compression Socks - Boost Your Workout Performance and Relieve Foot Pain


Question: Should You Wear Compression Socks While Working Out? 

Short answer: Yes! If you want to boost your performance capability and contribute to better leg and whole-body health.

Wearing compression socks can provide many benefits, such as increasing blood flow to your lower extremities.

Unlike other brands, Compressa Compression Socks are designed from a medical vantage point and are effective during periods of intense physical activity (as well as periods of low activity, such as extended sitting or standing).

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Compressa Knee Sleeve - Relieve Knee Pain and Accelerate Your Post-Workout Recovery


Wearing a Compression Knee Sleeve is highly recommended by Fitness Experts.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing knee sleeves is its ability to alleviate pain. Aside from that, there are several other benefits that knee sleeves provide: 

1)Knee Support - Relieves the stress and pressure that’s put on your joints during workouts

2)Knee Compression - Increases blood flow and reduces pain so you can start feeling relief right away

3) Knee Recovery - Reduces swelling through the compression warming effect, so you can recover quicker between workouts

Compressa Knee Sleeve uses cutting-edge, Nano-Weave technology to ensure support and superior performance.

This sleeve in particular gathered a cult-like following and has been used by medical professionals. If you need all-day support that you can rely on and you demand the best quality… Then this is just the thing you’ve been praying for.

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Compressa Wrist Sleeve - Wave Goodbye To Wrist Pain, Carpal Tunnel, And Tendonitis 👋


Pain in your wrist is one of the worst pains ever! When our editor had a carpal tunnel, she had to find ways to do things pain-free - opening doors, carrying bags, even just typing up a document - so she personally recommended this sleeve!

It uses state-of-the-art compression technology and nano-weave fabric which helps to relieve pain, decrease recovery time, and improve mobility. It is highly effective for those looking for relief from discomfort and pain related to wrist injuries. 

Compressa Wrist Sleeve will help reduce inflammation & swelling, provide pain relief, and accelerate recovery.

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Neck Angel - Discover A Better, Faster Way To Get Rid Of Neck Pain


Do you suffer from Tech Neck? Not anymore! Now you can enjoy a full day at the office with no pain, thanks to Neck Angel. 

We over here at know how straining it can be on your neck to be sitting at a desk all day…at least we did. Someone brought a Neck Angel into the office one day, and the rest is history. 

Luxestone created this handy massager with ultimate comfort in mind. Neck Angel operates using Electro-Magnetic Stimulation, meaning that it sends out a series of mild electro pulses that look for pain to eliminate. All you have to do is put it on, sit back, and enjoy your day. 

Neck Angel is amazing for the office but works just as great for traveling, after sports practices, or just to relax and unwind. Anytime you have neck pain or pain in general, Neck Angel is the only choice for relief!

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BackMedic - A Simple Solution That Can Eliminate Back Pain In Under 21 Days


If you’re reading this - stop slouching! I know it’s easier said than done, but sadly, it will only get worse as you age. You’re spending a fortune on chiropractors & massages when it will only bring temporary relief. 

Let's be honest, how much have you spent already with no progress? Good posture is key when it comes to alleviating body aches and muscle fatigue. 

BackMedic will train, not force you to hold the ergonomically correct posture. It will feel natural to stand straight, thus decompressing your spine. As you maintain good posture,other painful areas in your body like your neck, shoulder, and chest will naturally feel better and be less painful.

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